christmas cozy mystery

Write and Market a Christmas Mystery

how to write a murder mystery plot

Who should read this book?

Do you have a murder mystery you’ve been dying to write? Maybe you’ve got some great ideas that you think would make an excellent story. This book will help you take those murderous ideas and turn them into reality. (In the form of a mystery book, of course.)

This How-to book is filled with lessons, projects, writing prompts, example files and exercises to guide you step-by-step through developing your own cozy mystery. Thomas Lockhaven asks the necessary questions that would help you think creatively and become a better writer. As a bonus, the book includes detailed writing prompts and cozy mysteries that you can make your own!

If you love mysteries and have always wanted to be a published author, this book is for you.

how to write a good mystery plot

What will this book teach me?

Written in an engaging conversational tone, Thomas Lockhaven takes you step-by-step through creating and marketing a cozy murder mystery. The book is chocked full of resources to help make your writing process easier.

The book also includes three free starter stories and two detailed stories you can craft as your own! You also get access to a robust resource section filled with everything from writing software to printable worksheets and charts!

Here’s a sampling of what’s included in the book!

  • Why a Christmas Cozy (Hint: They are extremely popular!)
  • Expectations of the Cozy Mystery Genre
  • What Do Cozy Readers Really Want?
  • Creating Exciting Protagonists
  • Worldbuilding
  • Creating The Villain
  • How To Plot A Murder
  • Protagonist Motivation to Solve the Murder
  • New Christmas Stories You Can Use!
  • Hook and Four-Act Structure Examples
  • Creating a Cover That Sells
  • Formatting Your Book for Publishing
  • Writing Your Blurb and Advertising Copy
  • Building a Series
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Online Resources

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